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Industrial engineering services

Industrial engineering services

Ensure your plant’s optimal performance development with engineering tailored to your requirements

For new (green field) or upgraded (brown field) plant projects, our engineering services ensure optimal plant performance from the engineering to operation and testing phase with efficient and sustainable solutions. With state-of-the-art engineering tools, we complete the planning and design of the application and offer a flexible choice of system components. Our expert recommendations come with more than 60 years of field experience and intend to lead you to productivity excellence.

up to 30%

reduced time and costs

thanks to project engineering with Endress+Hauser

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How we can support you

From basic instrumentation engineering for plant automation through to the final Site Acceptance Test, we help set targets, explore options and make informed system decisions. Delivering highly effective results within today's complex industrial manufacturing environment, we have the necessary expertise and know-how to support in all your engineering requirements sustainably.

  • Generation of URS (User Requirement Specification) and the FDS (Functional Design Specification) according to your project requirements

  • Creation of engineering documentation package containing: instrument list, component list, automation components list, CAD drawings, electrical drawings, installation charts, cable schedules, etc.

  • With our standard project quality management, we cover testing such as Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), Site Acceptance Test (SAT)


Ease planning & engineering

Execute your project on time and budget with Endress+Hauser as a reliable partner with global presence. We are designing our industrial engineering service approaches in ways that are cost-effective and keep your project on schedule.

Ease planning & engineering

Excellent engineering projects

We offer comprehensive industrial engineering services with a streamlined communication approach which allows us to minimize necessary interfaces and reduce coordination efforts. Our broad experience in project management ensures your engineering projects are focused and executed efficiently on budget and in a timely manner.

Excellent engineering projects

State-of-the-art methods

We provide an efficient exchange of information and electronic data by using standardized tools and documents (CAD/CAE). You can benefit from increased data quality and consistency as part of our industrial engineering service. Additionally, our experts ensure your solution is reliable, robust and supports integration standards.

State-of-the-art methods

Smooth start-up

We help ensure your field network start-up is complete and working properly from the beginning. Our dedicated engineers are able to provide fast installation and validation because of standardized documentation at project hand-over.

Smooth start-up

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