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113 GHz: The complete portfolio of radar instruments

The right answer for every application

We answer the needs of all your applications with the ideal radar frequency, up to a total of 113 GHz. In terms of engineering, we offer the most complete portfolio on radar type level measurement for optimising your automation processes. We adapt ourselves to your ideal frequency in order to understand your needs for every process.


  • All instruments and level solutions are individually designed to increase the plant’s efficiency, quality and safety.

  • Thanks to the customised advice, we know your needs in order to help you choose the most appropriate instrument for every application.

Every application requires an individual answer. Download here our 113 GHz brochure + Your wavelength.

Advantages of the 1 GHz guided radar

  • Suitable for applications involving foam and low dielectric constant values.

  • Enables interface measurement, gas phase compensation and bypass applications.

Advantages of the 6 GHz radar

  • Suitable even in turbulences and strong condensate.

  • Stilling well applications.

Advantages of the 26 GHz radar

  • Good accuracy with ± 2 mm.

  • Suitable for 90% of applications.

  • Accurate even in turbulences.

Advantages of the 80 GHz radar

  • The best accuracy with a 3° emitting angle.

  • Large measuring range up to 125 m.

  • Maximum accuracy with ± 0.5 mm (Micropilot NMR81).

Level beyond radar

Sometimes, a completely different measuring principle takes your processes a step further. Thus, we offer a complete brochure with technologies, which include vibronic, ultrasonic, capacitance, hydrostatic, gamma and electromechanical, among others.

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